Counselling Adults | Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

 Mission: We want to help you flourish! Lifeworks of Maine is committed to supporting healthy mental and emotional functioning for individuals and families. We understand that successful change can be a big-picture effort. 

Would you like to understand more about the medications that your child is taking? Would you like careful, individualized attention that helps you to make decisions that result in a happier, better functioning self/child? Would you like assistance in sorting out the complexities that make it hard to meet your own needs consistently, or those of your child? Are you interested in exploring cutting edge, theory and evidence-based treatments for trauma, inattention, and problems with regulation? 

We have over 30 years of combined experience with human change; youth development and education; and human/animal learning. All beings require calm and safety to learn new things. Achieving that state of calm and safety can be very difficult, for reasons related to how our bodies respond to stress. Brain and behavior science shows so clearly that ‘relatedness’ is key for helping people whose ability to calm is compromised. Ursula, our therapy dog, is sometimes the only one who can approach a distraught client and help them ‘get it together’ and calm.  In addition, we offer technology such as the Safe and Sound Protocol to enhance and speed treatment. We are constantly screening and evaluating new treatment approaches for usefulness and affordability. We love it when you thrive!