The value of deep calm at moments in our lives cannot be over stressed. These are moments when our bodies can regulate and recover some of the balance, grounding, settling that the acceleration of modern life involves. Our best decisions are made when we are regulated and settled. Seekers of optimal self-development and enhanced FLOW know that skill at self-calming increases access to these moment of ease and satisfaction, and the ability to self-regulate in many circumstances provides critical support for change.

 There are many ways to accomplish calming such as through meditation, accupuncture, yoga, or tai chi. In our work together we will utilize mindfulness practices that are individualized for you.  This makes calming more comfortable for those who are not comfortable with meditation. We incorporate guided awareness and opening sensory channels during each session We incorporate principles developed in Somatic Experiencing, Sensori-motor Psychotherapy and other body-oriented trauma therapies.

For some, the very presence of another person makes calming difficult or impossible. This happens after trauma and also due to developmental or physical challenges. For these circumstances we are especially glad to be able to offer technology  developed to enhance relational ability and make it easier to get along with others. See more in our section on Technology.