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Sophisticated Psychotherapy in the age of Neuroscience


~Find your own compass~

Are you yearning for ‘something more’ in your life? Discouraged that your efforts to get a handle on your life don’t seem to ‘stick?’ Worried about how you will ever find a direction that has meaning for you? Frustrated by feeling the urge for change, yet falling back into old habits? Different phases of life present new problems that you may have hoped were resolved. Finding new and better ways to relate to yourself and others is easier with a guide who knows how to foster your best and navigate the terrain of change and growth.

Are you serious about making changes? We are a specialty practice passionate about helping children and adults thrive. We bring our combined focus to helping you and those you love find, develop and sustain you best self. And to help you stablize and gain confidence for working through moments that are other than your best. We move beyond ‘maintenance’ treatment. Our goal is that something important in your life improves while you are working with us. We provide adult psychotherapy, and child and adolescent psychiatry. We are proud to offer the Safe and Sound Protocol, a ground-breaking treatment for disorders of activation.