Reorganization is a change ability that all living things demonstrate when certain challenges are met. Ever try to enter a shop that is closed unexpectedly? You have to adjust your plan, even your physical direction. You reorganize in order to change direction. Reorganization is what has to happen when we find ourselves boxed in and stuck. We've stacked and re-stacked the same boxes and yet haven't accomplished the thing we are seeking. Suddenly, a different way of looking at one part of the puzzle occurs, and we find a way to move forward with energy and purpose.

This happens in ways big and small. For instance, one day while we waited for the school bus my younger brother fell through the ice in a nearby pond. He began thrashing and screaming for help. I froze, feeling panic rising. I looked again and called (screamed) to him: "Rob, put your feet down!!" He was so panicked and startled by the cold that he didn't realize the water was waist deep. 

This is a good example of how being upset, startled or unable to get a proper 'read' on the environment interferes with a reliable understanding of what is happening. I'm sure that Rob's bloodstream was flooded with adrenaline that day. He was in panic mode. What I learned is that it is possible to assist with panic, and help by simply starting a natural balancing response.