Why soothing matters

As a child I was often left to cry after being sent to my room in punishment. I recall the cool feeling of the varnished birch floor as I listened to the sounds of the household through the space under the crack of my door. My body hot, having been spanked, cheeks hot from crying, yanked around in space, yelling. Hiccupping, feeling sick to my stomach and choking on snot. Feeling confused and resentful. Heart pounding, hot and sweaty. Alone.

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Getting out of the box

A friend and I meet once a month or so for a Dysart’s breakfast. One Saturday Jeanne and I were talking about the fact that we have wrestled with the same business problems for several years. She said, “I feel like we keep stacking and restacking the same boxes, just to see if we can get them to work better. It's not going anywhere.“ I stared at her with my jaw hanging, stunned with realization.  

Exactly!!  I felt that’ click’ of understanding, the aha! moment. Sometimes, for something new to happen we have to get out of the box(es) and change how we are looking at the problem. Maybe we add a triangle.

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